Beneteau Four Peaks Race 2019

The Beneteau Four Peaks Race 2019 is all ready for enrollment at the 35th edition targets aspiring sailors as well as runners at distinct levels and age groups across Asia. The ultimate sailing and running challenge of the region would be held at the end of January 2019 which would be a mix of paddling, serious sailing and mountain running. As far as fixing the date is concerned, it would be done in the coldest season of Hong Kong so as to make the race more challenging. Simpson, the local dealer of Beneteau has agreed to offer support generously to make the competition successful.

The dedication, teamwork, and competitive attitude keep the sailors coming back to this competition every year. Around 19 boats have received an entry for the 2018 race. The challenges of this race consist of sailing around 100 miles for demonstrating strategy and skill and also conquering mountains for testing tenacity. Such activities are also being done to overcome fatigue to race at odd hours, handle excess pressure and face all sorts of unexpected emergencies.

The event would require teamwork, endurance and stronger seamanship in addition to smart strategies. During the course of the event which would go on for day and night, the sailors would be steering heir boats to the islands and runners would be left to race in kayaks on beaches. Every crew will have to conquer 4 landmark peaks. The event is being run by the renowned Aberdeen Boat Club since 1985. Each race would need strong efforts from players and volunteers. Beneteau has been sponsoring the title since 2017 edition in addition to being a participant. There would be an introductory night hosted next month, so as to exchange details of the competition which would be held next year. The Beneteau Four Peaks Race is quite a challenging one, but at the same time gives joy and a sense of satisfaction to the players. For more details please visit here

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