Top 11 Toyota Cars

Toyota is one of the best-known names in the history of car manufacturing. Toyota designers have been creating race winners, the most reliable cars, SUVs and trucks for more than 80 years. This company has become a real giant in the car market and therefore Toyota models are popular worldwide.

Let’s have a look at the most successful representatives of Toyota brand.

1. Toyota 4Runner. It is a very reliable model. In addition, it is very comfortable and easy to drive. One of the special features of this SUV is the frameless tailgate with retractable glass. Toyota 4Runner is one of the best selling cars in the world. If you want to purchase this car model, search for toyota 4runner deals online.
2. Toyota Prius. This is the most eco-friendly car of the Toyota family. Prius of the second generation became the most popular hybrid. You will get pleasure from driving it. Toyota Prius can be considered one of the most noticeable breakthrough in the history of the automotive industry.
3. Toyota Hilux. Hilux is a truly reliable and practical car. This vehicle is chosen by many farmers to help them in their everyday life.
4. Toyota Tundra. It is a powerful, reliable and efficient pickup. Moreover, it has won many awards.
5. Toyota Land Cruiser 200. A legendary Japanese SUV, which dates back to 1951. It is also called the longest-lived Toyota model. It is one of the most powerful Toyota cars.
6. Toyota Sera. It is a fairly successful experiment of Toyota. It proves that small cars can look stylish and attract attention. It’s no secret that the population density in Japan is extremely high, therefore small cars are very popular there. Toyota Sera stands out from other models due to to its defiant design.
7. Toyota GT86 is one of the best sports cars. It attracts attention of many people. It is both powerful and affordable.
8. Toyota Mk. III Supra Turbo A. The model was created to win in Group A racing series. Only 500 cars were produced. Toyota Mk. III Supra Turbo A has a special engine, the 7M-GTEU.
9. Toyota Celica GT-Four RC. There was a limited edition of 5000 models in 1991. Toyota Celica GT-Four RC has a proprietary turbo engine, all-wheel drive, carefully tuned transmission, air-to-water intercooler and other advanced features.
10. Toyota TRD2000 GT. Toyota TRD2000 GT was released in 1998. The manufacturer transformed the sports car into a super-powerful supercar. This model was officially classified as completely new. Most body parts were made of lightweight fiberglass.
11. Toyota Corolla. Corolla is an affordable and reliable family car. The new Toyota Corolla has become more prestigious and elegant than ever before. This model is sold all over the world. You can search for more options to buy toyota corolla near you. New futuristic exterior design produces a great impression!

All in all, no matter which Toyota model you choose, it is always the right choice.

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